Our Fleet

58 Foot Moving Truck

These are our pride and joys. We have a half a dozen of these 18 wheeler trucks. These are the big rig trucks you often see on the highways carrying goods from wholesale suppliers. We use these trucks for our largest moves usually containing business and industry transplants.

28 Foot Moving Truck

These are our most common truck which can hold an eight bedroom house. This is a truck that has the capability to maneuver into many neighborhoods; however, may need some assistance into storage facilities. We have several dozen of 28 footers that we maintain to the highest degree of the Department of Transportation’s standards.

24 Foot Moving Truck

These trucks have smaller cabs; however, can easily accommodate a 3-4 bedroom home. These trucks have the capability of negotiate to road ways of neighbors including gated communities as well as the ability to fit into storage facilities. These trucks serve for both intrastate and interstate moves.

17 Foot Moving Truck

These are our babies. These trucks can easily accommodate 2-3 bedroom homes or apartments. This fleet can fit into any “tight squeeze” locations including storage facilities.

What our clients say
Our Mover, Peter was so careful with our china sets and we are so grateful. My wife has paid a significant amount of money for her china collections and breakage was one of our biggest concerns moving to California. Peter and his workers hand wrapped each and every item from the silver to matching Royal Doulton salt and pepper shakers. In California we found nothing broken or chipped and are so proud of Peter and his outstanding service! Thanks so much!
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I can’t believe how fast our stuff was delivered! It only took eleven days to get our stuff from North Carolina to New Mexico. The other movers said it would be up to four weeks because it was off season. With a newborn, we are so very grateful for your movers’ prompt service. Thanks guys and good luck!
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