Packing Tips


The packing phase of moving can make or break a successful move. Packing requires careful thought and productivity. Our movers are highly trained and utilize the most up-to-date tools in packing to maintain a flawless move. If you decide to do your packing for the move, please take heed these important tips before packing.

 Electronics, Audio/Visual/Stereo Equipment, Computers

These are some of the most costly items in any household and require careful attention when packing. We suggest that you exploit our services for packing electronics for the special attention required. Flat screen televisions and computer monitors must be securely packed in specialized boxes with popcorn or padding. Make sure that all wiring or cords are disconnected and unplugged before the movers arrive and that all cords are placed securely in their own box.

Dressers, Cabinets, Closets, Desks

All drawers from dresser should be emptied and the contents put securely into boxes. Please do not put clothing into garbage bags because they tend to rip or break during the loading or unloading process. You may use duffel bags for clothing; however, these and other bags should be put in the bottom of a wardrobe box. Wardrobe boxes are high boxes with a hanging rail which will allow you hang the items hanging in the closet. Shoes, purses, bags, and other loose items may also be placed at the bottom of wardrobe boxes.

China, Crystal, Dishes, Small Appliances, Pots & Pans

Boxes called “Dishpacks” are specially designed to safely accommodate dishes, china, and pots & pans. You should wrap each dish with packing paper before placing into the dishpack.  Furthermore, there should be a crumbled piece of paper placed between each plate to allow no room for breakage.

Framed Pictures, Paintings, Mirrors

Picture boxes are specially designed boxes to accommodate pictures, paintings, and hanging mirrors. These items should be carefully wrapped with paper before putting into the picture box. In addition, the box should be filled with “popcorn” or padding to allow no movement in the box. Glycine paper for paintings and custom wood crates are available upon request.

Books, CDs, Records, Personal Files

These items and other smaller items such as candles, small decorations, and small containers should be pack in small or medium boxes.  Be cautious not fill small boxes with a large amount of heavy items such as books because the movers may have difficulty in moving it and the probability of it breaking under pressure during transit to the truck is greatly increased.

Book Box
D-12 W-12.5 H-17
Letter File Box
D-12 W-12 H-24
Lamp Box
D-12 W-12 H-40
Linen Box
D-16 W-16 H-18
Large Linen Box
D-20 W-20 H-18
Dish & China Box
D-18 W-18 H-28
Tv Box
D-27 W-20 H-19
Large Tv Box
D-27 W-24 H-24
Wardrobe Box
D-24 W-23 H-48
Legal File Box
D-15 W-24 H-12
Commercial Bin
D-48 W-24 H-24
Picture Box
D-5 W-40 H-32
Mattress Box
D-15 W-24 H-12
*prices refer to moving only, according to company's tariff.
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We were moving out of Jupiter, FL while Hurricane Wilma was two days away from demolishing South Florida. We called Preferred Relocation and asked if they could move us before the hurricane hit and they sent two trucks right away. They had our three story house packed in 4 hours and quickly moved our items out harms way. The next day we found out our house had been completely demolished by flying debris from the hurricane. You cant put in words our appreciation to Preferred Relocation.
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Thanks guys. Everything went terrifically well and we are very pleased with everything. This was a painless experience.

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